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Wagner's wonder woman celebrated in CDs and DVDs
Several new releases have recently appeared to celebrate and commemorate Birgit Nilsson in the year of her centenary.
Photo: The Birgit Nilsson Foundation/Fayer

Several new releases commemorate the milestone, including two blockbuster CD sets:
  • a seventy-nine-disc, two-DVD compendium, La Nilsson: The Complete Decca, Philips, and Deutsche Grammophon Recordings, with twenty-seven full-length operas and two Ring cycles;
  • and a thirty-nine-CD compilation, Birgit Nilsson: The Great Live Recordings, which offers a further dozen complete operas plus several concerts.
A lush photo album, Birgit Nilsson 100: An Homage, revisits her glory years at the zenith of the international opera world’s postwar resurgence. And Thomas Voigt and Wolfgang Wunderlich’s hugely enjoyable documentary film, Birgit Nilsson: A League of Her Own, perfectly captures their subject’s irresistible combination of down-to-earth vitality and artistic sublimity.   

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