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Russian Mezzo Soprano and WS Munich Bayreuth Scholar 2018 wins first prize in the ARD Competition
Every year, at the initiative of Wagner Societies, 250 young artists gather to breathe the rarified air of the Bayreuth Festival and enjoy the wonderful Scholarship programme.
Successful careers are no rarity for Scholarship holders, and many of those from the Wagner Society of Munich have  gone on to develop great careers in the past.

The award of the 1st prize in the ARD competition (the singing category takes place every 3 years).
is of course a remarkable and promising step for the 29 year old young, self-confident mezzo-soprano Nataly Boeva from Russia.
We are delighted for her for this successful achievement.
You can find a report on the finale of the current ARD competition here (in German)
The next major hurdle already awaits Ms. Boeva at the end of September in Karlsruhe, where, under the sponsorship of the Munich WS, she has reached the semi-finals of the RWVI Wagner Voices Singing Competition.
In the opera season that is about to begin, members from Munich won't have to travel far to see the newly awarded prizewinner on stage: she has already been engaged by the Theater Augsburg.