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News from New Zealand
Heath Lees, our contact at the WS New Zealand, sent us a brief report on the Society's activities, including information on an exciting publishing project
Many members of the WSNZ travelled to the Melbourne Die Meistersinger (November 2018) where Professor Heath Lees, President Emeritus of the WSNZ, gave a series of four talks on the opera, to a total of more than 600 attendees.  The talks were amply illustrated by Professor Lees, playing piano reductions from the score.  The title of the series was “Wagner’s Mastersingers:  Harmony out of Discord.”

Much preparation and editorial work is being done on the Society’s current project — the publication of a book of memoires by the famous NZ Wagner singer and Wagner Society founding patron, Sir Donald McIntyre.  It is intended that this publication will mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Wagner Society in New Zealand.  The date of the launch will be Wagner’s birthday — 22 May."