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WS Milan to publish the outcome of their conference on Staging Wagner
The WS Milan held a successful international conference in 2016 on the theme "Staging Wagner". The outcome is due to be published shortly in book form
This book presents the outcome of the conference to readers, with the first part consisting of essays by eminent musicologists (Nattiez, Maehder, Principe, Syer, Giani etc.), and the second summarising the Roundtable held in the Teatro La Scala, during which opera directors, singers, critics, conductors and opera managers debated their experiences with staging the operas of Richard Wagner.

The book is mainly in Italian, but with five essays in English.

The summary of the contents is available in the attachment below.
The book can be bought in advance at the price of € 30,00, by 23.12.2018; alternatively, you can subscribe for the sum of € 100,00, which entitles you to a mention in the Tabula Gratulatoria.

Remember the book could be a great Christmas gift!

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