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Vermont company to stage Tristan in the Fall
It's always exciting when a young company get together to stage Wagner in a local theatre with young singers
Photos (in order)
Hugh Keelan (Music Director) and Jenna Rae (Isolde)
Hugh Keelan
Jenna Rae
Alan Schneider (Tristan)
Roseanne Ackerley (Brangäne)
Cailin Marcel Manson (Kurwenal)

23 August 2019, 16:00 & 25 August 2019, 10:00
Latchis Theater, Brattleboro, Vermont

We have received notification from the founders of TUNDI (stands for Tristan und Isolde), Hugh Keelan -conductor - and Jenna Rae - soprano, that they will perform Tristan in August in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA.

Their principal aims are to bring the wonder and the emotion of Wagner's works to their community. to share the immersive experience of Wagner's operas with the audience and to give young singers an opportunity to perform Wagner roles.  The following is from their website:

"We are dedicated to performing music that summons


so people can experience transcendence, interact with the music and artists, and engage in their own creativity.

We bring all-encompassing art works to life so you can be immersed in the experience, lost in emotion and create a fulfillment that is only available through music.  

We recognized a need for time and space for the continuing development of Wagnerian singers; enriching their exploration of a well-travelled role, or learning a new Wagnerian role, and an opportunity for new audiences to discover and experienced audiences to continue to discover and explore these all-encompassing works. Whether it is at an intimate exploratory Wagner concert or a large scale festival production, our audiences and artists can create an overwhelming, all-encompassing experience. We create enriching concerts, and our full productions at the 750 seat Latchis Theater have you right inside the action.  These vast canvases can be experienced up close.  In August, with Tristan und Isolde, you will find yourself immersed in the swelling of the waves, the love garden and transcendence of love and death."

Tickets and further information at www.tundiproductions.org

They are looking for sponsorship and support.  Please do contact them if you would like be involved.

We wish them all the best with this initiative.