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Tristan weekend in Brussels
Tristan weekend in Brussels (11.05./12.05.19) - shared pleasure in Wagner is doubly joyful
Photo - Karl Russwurm, Jean-Paul Mullier, Jean Paul Betendorff, Mrs Betendorff, Kristina Hinsch, Andrea Buchanan, Esther Russwurm

Wagnerians from Germany, England, France and Belgium can thank Jean-Paul Mullier (Cchairman of the Cercle Belge francophone Richard Wagner) and Secretary Marcel Geerts for organising a delightful weekend in Brussels.

The programme on Saturday evening and Sunday morning included a warm welcome at the gala dinner with members of the Belgian Wagner Society, proving once again that for active members of RWVI Societies, the motto "You never walk alone" applies almost everywhere in the world.

The performance of Tristan at La Monnaie/Die Munt on Sunday was in every respect the artistic event one had hoped for (reviews and cast can be found on the Internet). The overall impression of an outstanding performance, from both the musical point of view as well as the aesthetically enchanting production, will be remembered for a long time.