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The RWVI mourns the death of Kerstin Jonasson, Chair of the Svenska Wagner-Sällskapet,, Stockholm
President of the RWVI, Horst Eggers has sent a letter of condolence to our members
Text below:

Dear Chairpersons,

I have the sad duty to inform you of the death of the former long-time Chairperson, Mrs Kerstin Jonasson, Chairperson of Svenska Wagner-Sällskapet, Stockholm.

In all her years as President, Mrs Jonasson has successfully led her Richard Wagner Association and developed it into an active and attractive institution in the cultural life of Stockholm.

 Ms Jonasson has always supported the work of the RWVI in a benevolent and committed manner.

The International Richard Wagner Association will always honour the memory of the deceased.

In deep mourning

Horst Eggers
Präsident RWVI