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Dr Stefan Specht, MD of the Stipendienstiftung is honored by the WS Mannheim
"This is how we avoid elitisem"
Throughout the year, as Managing Director of the Richard Wagner Scholarship Foundation, he deals with money and decdies who may attend the Bayreuth Festival as a scholarship holder and when they will come.

He has been honoured for his services at a benefit gala held in the National Theatre at the initiatve of Monika Kulczinski, Chair of the WS Mannheim, This, by Dr. Specht's own admission, is his second honorarium, following that bestowed by Lviv in the Ukraine.

We send him our hearty congratulations.

In an interview, Dr Specht emphasised that Mannheim has always been one of the most active and committed societies in respect of the Scholarship Foundation.

When asked about the scholarship holders, he answered, among other things:

"I think the young people feel that Bayreuth is an authentic place. This special aura can only be experienced here. On the other hand, one finds here contemporary and new interpretations of Wagner's works again and again.  This can also be controversial. But that's what makes it all so lively, and that's what the young people feel."