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WS Iceland visits Göteborg
Those indefatigable travellers from the WS Iceland have been on the move again - this time to Sweden to attend a performance of Die Walküre in Göteborg
On Sunday, December 15th the Wagner Society, Göteborg,  invited Wagner Society members from the Nordic countries to join their group in attending a performance of Die Walküre. On the evening before, there was the possibility of seeing Das Rheingold from last year on a film in the opera house. 

The Göteborg Opera is presenting its own Ring ending with Götterdämmerung in 2021. Before Die Walküre on Sunday afternoon the Göteborg Society had organized a lunch for its members and guests in the Opera restaurant. Among those attending were Selma Gudmundsdottir, President of the RW-Society Iceland with 3 fellow members and Marianna von Hartmansdorff, President of the RW Society,  Stockholm.  They were welcomed by the new President of the  Göteborg Society, Thore Berntsson. The previous President and founder of the Göteborg Society, Lennart Röök, was also present.

The cast of the Walküre included Elisabet Strid (Sieglinde), Brenden Gunnell (Siegmund), Anders Lorentzson (Wotan),  Mats Almgren (Hunding), Ann Louize Lögdlund (Brünnhilde) and Katharina Karnéus (Brünnhilde). The conductor was Evan Rogister, Pricipal Conductor of Washington National Opera and the director was Stephen Langridge, the Göteborg Opera’s Artistic Director for Opera/Drama 2013–2019. The Göteborg society had organised several lectures in connection with the performances.

Photos by Selma Gudmundsdottir:

Selma Gudmundsdottir with Thore Berntsson
Lennart Röök in the middle..
Marianne von Harmannsdorf in the middle with one of her members, and Selma Gudmundsdottir (right).
The Göteborg Opera on the rainy day of the Walküre Performance