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Important update from Iceland
A message from Iceland regarding Keynote Wagner at the end of May (Walküre, piano concert, symposium)
With regard to the performance of Die Walküre on May 29th all partners of this co-operative venture are very optimistic, i.e. the Icelandic Opera, the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and the Reykjavik Festival.

Until April 15, Iceland has a ban on events with more than one hundred attendees. Covid-19 has been treated strictly and rationally in Iceland, very effective testing and quarantine and most of the cases so far have come from skiers in the Alps, (in Iceland there are a total of 240 cases as of today 18 March).

In an response given by the head of the Opera, Steinunn Ragnarsdottir, on Sunday 15 March, she said that even if the ban on events were extended by one month, it would still be possible to realize the project. The production is semi-staged. The director was already here and has conducted a workshop. There is no appetite for cancelling the project.  The symposium should be able to take place without any problems, the same applies to Albert Mamriev's piano concert on 28.5, which could only be endangered by Ars Musica pulling out in the case of too many cancellations. The Walküre is not affected by this and is almost sold out.