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On the 120th anniversary of the death of Hermann Levi
Susanne Reber from Mannheim has written a short piece to commemorate this anniversary
Dear Wagner Friends, Chairs and Presidents of Wagner Societies, dear readers

This short article with information about the 120th anniversary of the deathof Hermann Levi was sent to us by Susanne Reber from Mannheim and I thank her very much for bringing it to our attention.

With warm regards
Rainer Fineske
President RWVI

"120 years ago today in Munich the conductor Hermann Levi sel. A. died.
I learned of this by reading the biography "Between Brahms and Wagner" by Frithjof Haas, a cousin of my Jewish friend Werner Frank (born 1929).

Hermann Levi seems to have been forgotten by the press and in the media, so I did not want this special day to pass without informing you about it. By the way, Hermann Levi lived for three years in Mannheim, where he attended the Catholic High School.  His mother Henriette was a Mannheimer and was descended from two very well known Hoffaktoren. See:

In 1855, the fifteen-year-old Hermann Levi composed for the inauguration of the Mannheim Synagogue by Rabbi Moses Präger a festive cantata, which was performed with choir and organ".

Friendly greetings
Susanne Reber