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Bärenreiter-Verlag to publish a new facsimile edition of "Parsifal"

Knowledge, compassion and redemption: Richard Wagner dealt with these great themes in his "Parsifal", which he completed 13 months before his death. He described the Stage Consecration Festival as his "most reconciling work". Celebrated for its compositional technique and mystical sound worlds already at the premiere, the work's world of ideas continues to inspire ever new discussions and interpretations to this day.

Wagner wrote the autograph almost entirely in violet ink, a colour he preferred to use in the last years of his life. He laid out the pages extremely carefully and finally gave the autograph to his wife Cosima - it remained as a treasure in the family's possession.

The facsimile in high-quality four-colour printing reproduces the extensive score in original size. Without disturbing the overall bibliophile impression, the number of nudes and bars on each page makes it easy to use.

Ulrich Konrad explains the special features of the work and manuscript in an accompanying text.