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The Ring that should have been.....
Without the intervention of Covid, the planned Jurowski Ring at the Festival Hall would now have drawn to a close.
(from 8 February)

Wagnerians worldwide,

London would now be in the midst of pair of Wagner Ring cycles had the world not been hit by Covid19.

The second of the London Philharmonic Orchestra's two 2021 cycles - Royal Festival Hall concert performances under Vlad The Conductor - would be hitting Siegfried tonight with the Götterdämmerung denouement following this coming Wednesday.

These were to be the dates:

This was the projected cast:

Ring cycles are usually built up over years and Vladimir Jurowski's superb recent annual performances to date whetted London's appetite for the full cycle and final fling.  T

We are all relieved and delighted to hear that the LPO still plan to schedule Götterdämmerung at some point in the not too distant future.