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A charming music video from the Wagner Society of Japan
This video shows simultaneously every violin part of the Feuerzauber-figuration-music of Walkure Act 3 played by one player
Instead of holding regular meetings, the Wagner Society of Japan has produced some content for on-demand distribution, but as you can assume, the lectures are all given in Japanese.

However, this one attached here can be enjoyed by anyone in the world.   The video is very short, containing only music (There is a 20 minutes’ explanation and interview about this performance beforehand, but as it is also in  Japanese, we had to omit it). 

This might be the first attempt in the world, showing simultaneously every violin part of Feuerzauber-figuration-music of Walkure act 3 played by one player(Ms. Tateishi, who participated in the Walkure-recording of Berlin Radio-Symphony Orchestra under Janowski), from which we can get the idea of how precisely and exquisitely this music is constructed.