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German Historical Museum - Symposium "Marx and Wagner - Capitalism and German Sentiment"
Capitalism and German sentiment will face two highy influential figures of the 19th century on Friday 23 April

The German Historical Museum is planning the exhibitions KARL MARX AND CAPITALISM and RICHARD WAGNER AND GERMAN SENTIMENT for Spring 2022. The symposium MARX AND WAGNER.

Capitalism and German Sentiment will focus on these two influential men of the 19th century on Friday, 23 April.

In three discourses - anti-Semitism, alienation and revolution - Gerd Koenen, Christina Morina, Pamela Potter, Leon Botstein, Rahel Jaeggi, Harold James, Alexander Kluge and Thomas Macho, among others, will talk about the similarities and differences of the two titans.

We cordially invite you to participate in the symposium via our live stream. After the symposium, the video recordings will be made available on our YouTube channel. You will find the complete programme for the event in the attachment below, which you can download.  Notes and the programme are in German and English.


We would also like to draw your attention to the third issue of our magazine Historische Urteilskraft, which will be published on the occasion of the symposium. In addition to the contributions to the symposium, the Director of Collections of the German Historical Museum, Fritz Backhaus, writes about testimonies of anti-Semitism from the Haney Collection, the writer Julia Franck about a beautiful provocation and the Head of Collections, Andrea von Hegel, about advertising for health. At verkauf@dhm.de you can pre-order the magazine for 10 € (plus 2 € postage).
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