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Berlin - Exhibition "Richard Wagner and German Feeling" from 08 April 2022 at the German Historical Museum
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

We should like to draw your attention to our exhibition "Richard Wagner and German feeling", which we will be showing from 8 April to 11 September 2022 in the Pei Building of the German Historical Museum.

 Richard Wagner experienced and shaped the 19th century in very different ways. In his work, he dealt with the issues of his time: advancing industrialisation and increasing capitalism can be found in his work just as much as his anti-Semitic stance. The exhibition aims to present Wagner's fundamental and controversial role in various stages of modern German contemporary and cultural history. In doing so, it is not a biographical show, but deals with Wagner's staging of concrete feelings. Starting from the polarisation that Wagner still triggers today, the exhibition presents the person and work in the mirror of the emotions and moods of his time.

As early as February, the exhibition "Karl Marx and Capitalism" (10.02. - 21.08.2022) will be on show in our house and will run partly parallel to the Wagner exhibition. Similar to Wagner, Marx dealt with and interpreted many topics relevant to the time - although he came to different conclusions than Wagner. The exhibitions stand alone, but together they present a comprehensive picture of the 19th century and the reception histories of both figures up to the present day.

We would be pleased to send you flyers and posters (A3) in advance. 

If you have any questions or need any materials, please feel free to email us at marketing@dhm.de.

Yours sincerely
Berit Pohns
German Historical Museum
Department Communication Marketing and Advertising