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RWV Leipzig - Richard Wagner Young Talent Award and Bayreuth Scholarships 2022
This year's competition for the Richard Wagner Young Talent Award, offered Europe-wide by the Wagner Society Leipzig e.V. in cooperation with the Leipzig Opera, has produced three prize-winners
These and three other participants in the competition will receive a scholarship to Bayreuth. The first prize of 2,000 euros goes to Grérgoire Delamare (tenor), the second prize of 1,000 euros to Arvid Fagerfjäll (baritone) and the third prize of 800 euros to Jieun Choi (soprano). The other scholarships go to Aaliyah Lehner (violoncello), Isaac Tolley (bass-baritone) and Ajda Zala Obreza (flute).

The jury, chaired by Jasmin Solfaghari with Helmut Kukuk, Peter Korfmacher and Christoph Gedschold, made the selection from among 13 participants at a very high level in a small circle in the "Wagner-Nietzsche-Villa" on 13th and 14th of January 2022. The Giesecke family and their helpers were again the best hosts.

We look forward to seeing the prize winners and other scholarship holders on 13th February 2022 for the traditional scholarship concert on the anniversary of Richard Wagner's death.