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Solidarity with our Richard Wagner Associations in Ukraine
A message from President Rainer Fineske to the Wagner Associations in Ukraine and responses from our members in Ukraine
Dear LK, dear MC, dear AS,

In these difficult days, of war, of a unilateral military incursion by Russia against Ukraine, we stand firmly by your side. Our thoughts and concerns revolve around the your safety and well-being and that of your families and association members.

We are very concerned for all the people in Ukraine, no one would have thought it possible that we would have to experience a warlike aggression in the 21st century in the middle of Europe. What moves individual autocrats, who hold so much power in their hands, to wage war on other peoples for no reason? None of us knows what the consequences will be.

To bring so much suffering and death to a brother nation whose capital Kiyiv, as the aggressor himself says, was the cradle of Russia. We do not understand it and condemn it in the strongest terms and stand firmly by your side.

In sympathetic solidarity


Rainer Fineske

Dear friend Rainer Fineske, dear RWVI friends, 

Once again I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great support, which is so important and relevant at this very difficult time for us. Your words have already been passed on to many friends in Lviv, Ukraine, in Kiev and Kharkiv. 

At the same time, send you all a touching message from our dear city of Bayreuth from our good friend Stefan Specht and a wonderful photo with the following caption:
 "Yesterday, together with the Lord Mayor and some colleagues from the City Council, I raised three Ukrainian flags, the flag of the city of Bayreuth, the Germany flag and the European flag in front of the City Hall as a sign of solidarity from the city of Bayreuth. A beautiful sign of solidarity. I am attaching a picture.
I would also like to help concretely beyond this symbolic solidarity if I can..."

Thank you all, our dear loyal friends! 
We are strong.  

Now it is impossible for us to be safe, no one is protected during the war when enemy missiles fly in our skies and new tanks come. Besides, among the civilians there are enemy saboteurs. But the whole Ukraine is fighting for victory - all people are busy who can. We are strong in spirit and hope for our victory and freedom, because the Motherland of Ukraine is one in us, like a mother. And we are her children.
Yours sincerely -

Your-Your LK with all of us from Lviv, Ukraine.

Dear faithful friend Rainer, dear RWVI friends,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart that you and RWVI friends are with us in such a difficult time. 
We are used to being with you in the atmosphere of music and its makers, in the circle of beautiful young people from all over the world, who you gather with so much dedication and generosity in the beautiful Wagnerian city of Bayreuth... 

And now we are together in the opposite - the anti-world - when our youth, instead of violins and clarinets, take up arms ... and instead of singing arias, shout: 
We cannot be defeated, we will be victorious, Glory to Ukraine! 
...Hearing a siren here again - "Air alert!!!"  That's why I have to close ... But with the hope that we will never hear these terrible sounds in the near future, because the beauty of music and our unity is immortal!

I warmly embrace you, dear Rainer, and all friends, also on behalf of my family and relatives, who are all busy these days with the most important thing - helping refugees from Eastern Ukraine, on behalf of friends in Lviv and Ukraine!

Enjoy life and all you, love you!

Always yours-your LK, Lviv, Ukraine