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Annie Benoit steps down as President of the CNRW Paris
After 18 years at the helm of the prestigious Cercle National Richard Wagner Paris, Annie has decided to retire in favour of a newly elected President
Ladies and Gentlemen
Dear Presidents,

I have decided to step down from my position as President of the Richard Wagner Circle of Paris, which I held for 18 years. Cyril Plante, the current Vice-President, whom I had asked to succeed me, presented his candidature to the committee. My friends unanimously approved his nomination.

I am very attached to the Circle and will remain on the Committee as Vice President.

Please see the attachment below where you will find our quarterly newsletter, the Lettre du Cygne (in French).

Best wishes to all Wagnerians.

Annie Benoit

Here is Annie on the left in 2019, with Pascal Bouteldja (Lyon), Michele Bessout (Rive Droite), the late Andre Demarck (Marseille) and Michel Casse (Bordeaux)