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Richard Wagner meets Bob Dylan
In Milan, the first comparison between Wagner and Dylan
On Tuesday 20 June, the conference Richard Wagner, Bob Dylan and the Myth took place in Milan.

The event was realised thanks to the collaboration between the Richard Wagner Association of Avellino and the Richard Wagner Association of Milan.

At the beginning of the conference, Maestro Giorgio Tagliabue, President of the Richard Wagner Association of Milan, greeted the President of Richard-Wagner-Verband International e.V., Rainer Fineske, and expressed his gratitude to the City of Milan for wishing to participate by sending a delegate to the conference.

The other speakers were Luca Maria Spagnuolo, president of the Richard Wagner Association of Avellino, Paolo Fenoglio, professor of History of Music, and Alessandro Carrera, professor of Italian literature and translator of Bob Dylan's works in Italy.

The event was a great success. The audience was numerous and very enthusiastic.
This collaboration reinforces the connection between the Wagner associations in Milan and Avellino, which will have other important events and activities planned for the coming season.