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Assembly of Delegates and Wagner Congress in Berlin. A new President from The Netherlands.
Assembly of Delegates and Wagner Congress in Berlin. A new President from The Netherlands.
On June 30th there was an Assembly of Delegates of RWVI in Deutsche Oper, Berlin.
Around the Assembly several events had been organized. One could choose between the whole Ring des Nibelungen in Deutsche Oper (Stefan Herheim Production), Don Giovanni in Staatsoper unter den Linden and several concerts, among others Berliner Philharmonie with Sir Simone Rattle, playing Jörg Widmann and Bruckner. The different Ring operas could also be seen separately.

On June 1st there was a Symposium in Deutsche Oper on Wagner and Puccini, followed by a reception.  Berlin welcomed the delegates and other participants with beautiful weather.

The Assembly of Delegates was held in one of the rehearsal rooms of Deutsche Oper. Around 50 delegates were there, either in person or through proxy. This year was the year of an election, coming up every 5th year. Before the election the Assembly made a change in the constitution of the RWVI, reducing the number of committee members from 15 to 11.

President for the last 5 years, Rainer Fineske, had announced that he would not recandidate. Also Vice President Alessandra Pugliese from Venice, who had been on the board for 25 years and Vice President Nicolaus Richter from Bayreuth. So did also Treasurer Georg Riesner, Secretary Kristina Hinsch, Claudio Ortiz and Heinz Weyringer.
The new board consists of 10 new members, only committee member Selma Gudmundsdottir remaining from the previous board. Meeting minuits will be sent out to all RWVI member societies.
Here is a list with the names of the new board:

 President: Harry Leutscher from Netherlands,  1.Vicepresident: Christian Stürzl-Moitz Köln  (President)           2.Vicepresident: Esther Lobato from Madrid, Secretary: Elizabeth Mollard from Brussels, Treasurer: To be elected, Commitee members german: Thomas Winiarski from Hannover (President) Karin Colpan from Düsseldorf (President), Michael Schmidt from Kassel (President). Committee members non-german: Selma Gudmundsdottir from Iceland (President), Cyril Plante from Paris (President), Derek Williams from Scotland (President). The two auditors from Bayreuth, Stefan Specht and Peter Leonhart were reelected.

A few photos from the Assembly, symposium and the reception with Rainer and Torsten Fineske, Harry Leutscher, Donald Runnicles and other members.