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The Wagner Society of South Africa to celebrate its 30th anniversary
Congratulations to the Wagner Society of South Africa, founded in 1986, who are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year with a series of piano recitals in Cape Town.
Hon.Patron – Michelle Breedt   

30th Anniversary 1986 - 2016

The Richard-Wagner-Verband-International sends its congratulations to President Herbert Glöckner and the Wagner Society of South Africa on the occasion of their anniversary.

We wish you every success in the continuation of your work with young South African artists and for all you do for music - lovers in South Africa.

If any members of a Wagner Society will be visiting Cape Town and would like to attend a RWSSA event, including the above mentioned concerts,  please contact jillycohen@absamail.co.za or michelle@richardwagner.co.za