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In Memoriam Charlotte Nierlé (1929-2016)
The Wagner Society of Geneva announces the sad loss of its Honorary President.

The Honorary President of the Wagner Society of Geneva, Mrs Charlotte Nierlé died on 22 January 2016.

She had been a member of the Society since its establishment in 1976 and was elected in 1986 as President.

Under her presidency, the 'Cercle Romand Richard Wagner' developed in a remarkable way,  the number of members  increased considerably, and the Society achieved a sustainable financial basis. Mrs Nierlé gained the loyalty of many generous donors. She forged close contacts with internationally recognized musicians such as the great conductors Horst Stein and Armin Jordan, and we should like to mention the particularly noteworthy events that she organized, for example the twinning with the Wagner Society in Tokyo.

Mrs Nierlé gave a decisive impetus to the support of promising young artists, especially through the Bayreuth Festival Foundation and by organising recitals and concerts in Geneva and in other parts of Switzerland. Her interpersonal skills and amenity enabled the establishment of friendly relations with personalities like Hugues Gall, then general manager of the Grand Theatre in Geneva and, of course, with Wolfgang Wagner and his wife Gudrun, whom she met  frequently.

Mrs Nierlé wished to retire from the presidency of the 'Cercle Romand Richard Wagner' in 2001, although she continued to attend meetings of the Committee regularly and to participate in its activities until the autumn of 2015.

The title of Honorary President conferred in 2001 was richly deserved!