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News from the Members

WS Upper Midwest launches Music in Action program
This new initiative aims to bring an understanding and appreciation of Richard Wagner’s art to a broader audience through supporting young artists
Our 2021-22 Music in Action Grant Program Has Launched!

We are now accepting applications for Music in Action grants!

Thanks to the generosity of so many of you who donated in amounts ranging from 15 dollars to 15 hundred, our fundraising campaign raised over $13,000 so far! That's enough to fund 4-6 projects. And 100% of the funds we raised will be distributed directly to local artists!

NOTE: We're still striving for a goal of $15,000, and we're so very close! It's not too late to contribute!

An overview of the program is available on the main Music in Action webpage, along with a convenient link to apply online. We encourage all of you to familiarize yourselves with the 2021-22 program, as our plans have been substantially enhanced! In particular, we've modified our objectives:


While the immediate shock of the George Floyd tragedy is now in the past, we still live in turbulent times and emerging artists still need our support. We have updated the Music in Action program objectives accordingly:

Support emerging vocalists with grant funding and audience exposure as they develop their careers.
Bring an understanding and appreciation of Richard Wagner’s art to a broader audience.
Encourage the performance of operatic and art song pieces from any era that speak to current social, political and/or cultural issues.
Celebrate inclusiveness through program and performer selection.

Please help us spread the word! If you or a singer you know meets the following eligibility requirements, we'd love to consider your and/or their application.

An applicant must:

Be an individual artist. Organizations or individuals submitting on behalf of an organization will not be considered. Projects may include other individuals (e.g. other vocalists, instrumentalists, or other performing artists).
Live in the Twin Cities seven-county metro area.
Be a US citizen, be a US permanent resident, or be an individual otherwise legally able to work in the US.

There's so much incredible talent right here in the Twin Cities, and many of those  local musicians are still struggling as we all attempt to recover from this pandemic. We're so pleased with the support for those musicians so many of you have expressed, in both your words and your donations!

And all of us RWSUM members and friends get to look forward to 4-6 unique and wonderful Music in Action performances in 2022, in addition to our traditional Wagner Society programming!

Have a wonderful first weekend of October!

- mike

Michael J Ruppert, President and Events Committee Chair