9. Aug 2019
17. Aug 2019
Greenwood Theatre, London
Fulham Opera present Die Meistersinger
9 - 17 August 2019
Greenwood Theatre, London

• Fulham Opera stages its first production of Die Meistersinger Von Nürnberg
• Most ambitious project to date.
• First performance by the company in central London
• New production, directed by Paul Higgins
• New orchestral arrangement by Jonathan Finney
• Sixth Wagner opera from Fulham Opera

Fulham Opera, is to stage its most ambitious project to date in central London this August: four
performances of Wagner’s Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg.

Die Meistersinger, which is one of the biggest works in opera repertoire, will be performed in a
new production, directed by Paul Higgins and conducted by Ben Woodward, Artistic Director of
Fulham Opera. The production features a specially commissioned new orchestral arrangement by
Jonathan Finney, for eighteen instruments.

Its high-calibre cast of professional singers includes a welcome return from bass baritone Keel
Watson (Falstaff 2015) who is double cast with Steven Fredericks (Don Carlo 2018) in the role of
Hans Sachs. Tenors Ronald Samm and Florian Thomas share the role of Walther von Stolzing, and
sopranos Catharine Woodward (Falstaff 2016 and Don Carlo 2018) and Philippa Boyle (Don
Carlo 2018) share the role of Eva.

Fulham Opera’s Artistic Director and conductor, Ben Woodward says, “Die Meistersinger is
absolutely huge, and more challenging than our two last big productions - The Ring and Don
Carlo - put together. I am thrilled to have singers on board that I have been looking forward to
working with on this repertoire for some time. It might be the biggest, maddest project that a
fringe opera company has ever undertaken, but we do feel ready for this to be our next step.”
Regarded as a leading light in London’s ‘fringe’ opera scene, Fulham Opera’s combination of
ambitious, big repertoire and superb professional singers has brought it great critical acclaim. It
has developed a strong reputation for its performances of Wagner and Die Meistersinger will be
its sixth Wagner opera, including two complete Ring cycles, since the company began in 2011.
Director Paul Higgins says, “We can very easily recognise ourselves in the characters in
Meistersinger, and we can see our own struggles and ambitions. There are so many strands to this
opera, such elitism versus populism, old versus the young, those who belong and those who do
not, and a community jealousy guarding its independence and becoming more inward-looking
than they had been before. Today we are witnessing a rise in nationalism across the world, and in
particular in Europe, and in the UK we have Brexit. In 2019 the issues raised in Die Meistersinger
seem even more relevant today.”

This huge project brings Fulham Opera to perform in central London for the first time. With a cast
and chorus of fifty-seven singers, it also marks the first time the company will have performed in a
full-sized theatre.

Ben Woodward 07976 836717

Hans Sachs: Keel Watson & Steven Fredericks
Walther von Stolzing: Ronald Samm & Florian Thomas
Eva: Catharine Woodward & Philippa Boyle
Magdalene: Sarah Denbee
Beckmesser: Jonathan Finney
David: Edward Mout
Pogner: Gerard Delrez
Kothner: Andrew Mayor
Ortel: Ian Wilson-Pope
Foltz: Henry Grant-Kerswell
Zorn: Phil Clieve
Eisslinger: John Rodger
Nachtigall: Tom Asher
Moser: Holden Madagame
Schwarz: Simon Grange
Vogelgesang: Roberto Barbaro
The Nightwatchman: Robert Byford
Fulham Opera Chorus
DIRECTOR : Paul Higgins
CONDUCTOR : Ben Woodward

Cast A: Woodward, Watson, Samm (9 and 14 August)
Cast B: Boyle, Thomas, Fredericks (11 and 17 August)

Friday 9 August at 5.00pm (Cast A)
Sunday 11 August at 3.00pm (Cast B)
Wednesday 14 August at 5.00pm (Cast A)
Saturday 17 August at 5.00pm (Cast B)
£35.00 early bird. £40 from 1st June.
Act 1: 1 hour
Interval 1: 20 minutes
Act 2: 1 hour
interval 2: 20 minutes
Act 3: 2 hours
Greenwood Theatre
55 Weston Street

About two minutes’ walk from London Bridge Station
Ben Woodward +44 7976 836717