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Santiago de Chile
Alejandra Kantor
Los Militares 5953 oficina 1601, Las Condes
0000000 Santiago
Fon: 998882533
The Richard Wagner Stiftung Chile was officially created in 2019 and started its activities in 2020. Despite the severe restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 Pandemic we started to fulfill the general scopes as defined by similar Richard Wagner societies i.e. promoting activities to create interest in and deepen the understanding of Richard Wagner's works as well as sending two scholars to the Bayreuther Festspiele (2021 and 2022) thus providing support to the next generation of artists. Our first ever scholar also participated in the Int'l Holders Scholarship Concert 2021. Since the beginning of our activities in 2020 we have held a series of 33 Zoom-conferences with attendants joining from Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Germany, England and the USA. A total of our live conferences have been held in Santiago de Chile. A Newsletter containing all-round information about Richard Wagner was started in 2022 and has been a useful tool to reach our members and wagnerian enthusiasts. 
We are proud to lead the Wagner World in Spanish.

President:              Alejandra Kantor Brucher
Vicepresidente:    Eduardo Escaffi
Secretario:             Luis Eduardo Alarcón
Tesorero:                Claudio Behncke

Board Members:    
Drina Rendic
Andrés Rodríguez P.
Teruca Martínez
Enrique Barros
Alvaro Molina    
International Board Member:   Claudio Ortiz
Honorarary member:                 Eva Wagner Pasquier


Alejandra Kantor Brücher